SACOPA MEDICAL has the infrastructure required to offer customers a fully tailored solution. An ongoing focus on new technologies, innovative products and technological innovations make it possible to continuously improve our products, maximizing quality and creating new business opportunities. We do injecting moulding according to specific class-8 cleanroom specifications and perform comprehensive quality controls, and by selecting the best components and materials, we verify and follow production processes to ensure product traceability.

This is all made possible through:

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OUR TEAM: We are a group of multidisciplinary professionals from different fields who focus our efforts on manufacturing products according to the customer’s needs.

QUALITY: We seek excellence in productive processes and in every product we manufacture.

COMMITMENT: We listen closely to our customers to identify their specific needs and propose the best custom solutions.


1,000 m² of fully controlled environment.

Class-8 cleanroom

All processes implemented in the cleanroom: receipt of raw materials, mixing room, manufacturing, quality and logistics

100% production analysis through artificial vision.

Manufacturing under ISO 9001 standards.